Friday, April 17, 2009

Still no burger.

The Mrs. just reminded me that the last time we had burgers I didn't leave it open faced and the fact you couldn't see the burger was mentioned. Well her timing is impeccable as I was already sitting here getting ready to type. You know cracking the fingers, doing the vocal exercises, snorting violently. Anyways it wasn't much to see tonight. Just ketchup and mustard with some sliced dill pickles. The nachos on the side were also rather spartan. Just melted cheese and homemade salsa. No guac. No lettuce or tomato. Didn't even put a slice of cheese on the burger. But the actual burger patty was great, diced mushrooms, onion and garlic, two eggs, some bread crumbs, basil, cumin, salt, pepper and some garlic powder all went into the patty mix. There are six in the deep freeze downstairs and once they are frozen they will be transferred to a freezer lock bag and we have another dinner ready for another day. Finally Friday here. Looking forward to a busy weekend. Now I sit down to rest. Ahhhh....

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