Monday, April 13, 2009

Long weekend warrior.

Now that was one long weekend. We left on Wednesday afternoon and arrived back home at 1:00 am this morning. We had a great time visiting family and celebrating with friends. Here is a brief synopsis.

Thursday: Downtown for some Japanese paper work and sushi for lunch. Met up with three of the sisters. After that we went back to a sisters house and made a shrimp stirfry and guacamole with chips for dinner. With some beers to wash it all down it was great.

Friday: Saw us getting some runs in during the morning. In the afternoon the whole family made a trip to the North shore to have a visit with my dad. It was a little strange as I haven't really talked with him for 20 years. But in the end it was okay. After that is was back home to make dinner at my mom's place.

One of the sister's came over and helped us put away some spaghetti and meat sauce. We also had a green salad and way too many potato chips. I really have to learn to keep my mouth shut.

Late that night I went to the airport and picked up my mom and her guy. They were returning from two weeks in Mexico. The pick-up went off perfectly and we were home by midnight.

Saturday: This the day of the wedding. In the morning we took the kids swimming in Richmond at Watermania. We had some tears on the diving board as the daughter really wanted to dive in but was too scared. After dropping off the two older kids with my sis we got our best duds on and headed to the wedding.
Hopefully this is how the couple will look within the next year or two. Of course it will be their child rather than ours. The food was awesome (this is a food blog after all). I had the steak and soup, the wife had the salmon and salad. The steak was awesome but the salmon actually went to the next level. I have been told the name of the sauce three or four times but it keeps eluding me. Maybe it was bechamel, anyways it was superb. Individual cheesecakes for dessert. Could they have chosen a better choice for us. I had one of both flavours. So did the wife. With a little bit of dancing, some nice speeches and good conversation it was a great night. I spent most of the evening toting the littlest one around and he was awesome. A great advertisement for having kids. Which was my theme of the night for anyone who would listen.
This guy wouldn't listen but I definitely bent the ear of the lady he was with.

Sunday: Hung over we got up around 9:00 and headed over to brunch. This was at the same spot where the kids had been dropped off the night before and fortunately everything went well. Brunch was good with me on the french toast. I thought it was passable but far from outstanding. The potatoes on the other hand were wicked. We said our good byes there and headed back to my mom's for a late lunch with other friends. Cheeses and roast chicken with veggies and buns to make sandwiches. Lets just say I was stuffed. I didn't not partake of any libations as I was on driver duty. We left around six and as I mentioned previously got home early this morning.

Tonight I made a bean and tomato sauce for the pasta and the wife whipped up her usual salad magic. I plan on making a pasta with sausage tomato sauce later this week. I hope it isn't too repetitive. Although when I offered up pizza for next weekend the wife gave me an, "again." So maybe I am pushing my luck. Back to the factory again tomorrow. However, after such an amazing long weekend I really can't complain. I just have to get to bed early.

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von grudegin said...

ahh man. It sounds like a super awesome weekend. I'm so sad I wasn't there. You have to give me all the details about seeing dad.