Monday, March 2, 2009

Too Hungry

So here is the required kid shot. I have noticed that there is already too much repetition in these pictures. That said there isn't all that much the kid can do yet so my range is limited. I have to get the wife to sit in a different chair, the couch perhaps. Anyways there you go.

Dinner was quite lovely this evening. After planning out the Mon-Fri meals the son and I went shopping today during our round of errands. The ingredients for this evenings meal were pork chops, potatoes, broccoli and carrots. I broiled the chops in the oven after sprinkling with salt, pepper, and some garlic powder. The potatoes were mashed with butter, milk, salt, pepper and green onions. The broccoli and carrots were steamed in the microwave and served as is. It was a lovely meal and I managed to whip the whole thing up and get it served in under half an hour. However, I was so hungry by that point I forgot to get a picture of the nicely set up plate. Instead you see the pot of mashed potatoes, the almost finished off chops and the empty bowl of broccoli and carrots. The daughter had seconds and then was hungry again before bed time. How do you spell growth spurt?

Okay the arrangement is definitely lacking in finesse. I'll work on it.

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von grudegin said...

maybe a close up of his feet or a hand-to-hand comparison with Kohei or a full body shot with him compared to one of Kiyomi's dolls.