Sunday, March 1, 2009

Take In

So we had our evening meal brought in for us tonight. A good friend decided to give us a hand and came through with a whole meal. It was delicious and we were very grateful.

The salad was a lovely mix of reds and greens. Radishes, cucumbers, with various types of leafys. The pasta sauce was both sweeter and tangier (more tangy, not the city) than what we usually make. The kids couldn't stop eating it. The also chowed down on the garlic bread. The topper was some real fruit gummy rabbits for dessert. It will be tough to make dinner to this standard all week. I think I should just dish up some garbage tomorrow to bring everyone back to earth.
This is a picture of my physical desktop. Incredibly there is not a single piece of paper on it. More than a year I have been waiting to get it to this point. It helped that I did my taxes and a bunch of other paperwork today. The final piece of paperwork is the medical receipts we have collected over the last 6 months. Its free money so I just need to get that done and in the mail.

It has been noted that there wasn't a new baby picture last night. I am just trying to break my readers gently into the reality that there won't always be a new picture every night. However, tonight I have two. The first is just a nice picture and the second demonstrates how shockingly large this kids hands are. Okay it might be a perspective thing but I still think we should have that checked. Coincidentally the kid had the one week check today and everything is going well. Weight is up over birth weight. Everything else is good. Here we go with week two of Mr. Mom. Only four weeks left.

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