Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sort of Vegetarian

Well at least the curry was vegetarian tonight. It was a banana curry and it wasn't great. The problem. I am trying to make it "not" spicy enough so the kids will eat it. However, curry is inherently spicy. So what I end up with is a watered down version of curry. I have to just suck it up and make it the way I like it. I also didn't press the tofu before making the curry this evening so that probably went a long way to making it watery. More preparation necessary.

The sort of in this evenings title relates to the fact that I also made shake and bake chicken. I varied the spices this evening and once again it was great. I really like the idea of throwing a bunch of flavours in a bag and seeing what it ends up tasting like on the chicken. Some day I will hit on the eleven herbs and spices. Someday.

Now I was trying for a look here but I don't think it turned out. As a matter of fact it looks like my daughter is actually regurgitating her meal in the picture with the curry. Next time.

In a side note the daughter went on her first non-family sleep over last night. She is supposed to be home some time after lunch. I am intrigued to see if she got any sleep at all.

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Rachel Catriona said...

The last pic - I see Margo.