Friday, March 27, 2009

Pizza and Babies

No we didn't eat any babies for dinner. We just had a two month old come over and do some crying, feeding, napping and burping beside our one month old who did some crying, feeding, napping and burping. Sometimes they cried at the same time, sometimes they napped at the same time. Most of the time they didn't. Anyways it was a good night with the old pizza oven making its presence felt. The wife also whipped up some spinach dip and veggies but I didn't get any pictures. We used the mexican salami this evening and it worked out very well. Lots of veggies and I didn't forget the olives. I also made the dough well in advance and let a few of the crusts rise before adding the toppings. Very very nice.
Our guests brought chocolate smartie ice-cream. I guess you could say that the kids weren't too put out. Major fan favourite.

Actually this evenings dinner went quite smoothly as I did most of the prep before our guests arrived. In the end we had a pretty good service to conversation ratio. Nothing like little tiny oblivious babies bringing people closer together. I can't wait until they are at the stage where they will try and poke each other's eyes out. Baby savagery, not to be missed.

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