Saturday, March 28, 2009

Red sauce run.

Well this is the second tomato sauce night in a row. Funny thing is the kids loved it. There is something that just makes them feed their faces when we make spaghetti with meat sauce. Two and a half helpings for the daughter. When I was making the sauce I almost blew it. Veggies, ground beef and spices had all be cooked up. I added the can of diced tomatoes and got a good simmer going. Then just as I was about to turn it off I says to the wife, I says, "should I add a can of crushed?" She steers me through the straight and narrows. A can of crushed tomatoes is added and everyone is happy. Sometimes I forgo the crushed toms and my sauce is just a little to thin. Maybe if I was a tomato paste guy then I would be all good but I just do not have great love for tomato paste. I would rather a large can o' crushed tomatoes and get the job done right.
Notice the son decided it would be tastier if he ate it with his fingers instead. The final touch was the face wipe on the front of the white shirt with a napkin easily in reach. Three... its a good age. Back to the dinner, we also had a nondescript green salad with nondescript store bought salad dressing. I enjoyed mine but it wasn't what it could have been. Also I did not make the garlic bread I promised earlier in the day but no one else remembered, or at least they didn't mention it. We had some more chocolate smarties ice cream for dessert. We also had a FerreroRocher each. Decadent.

Here is the wife, possibly sleeping with baby in lap. The Mrs went for a run today and I had an hour of just not being able to make that kid happy. Didn't want to be burped, didn't want to be held shoulder high or cradled in the arms. Didn't want to ride in little huggy thing we have. Then mom comes home and he's all like, "yeah this is what I wanted. You suck old man."
Someday I am going to teach that kid some respect. Just wait till he can hold his own head up. Then we'll see who is so tough.

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