Sunday, March 29, 2009

The end of the line.

So I officially go back to work tomorrow. It has been a good run. Lots of good meals made in the last five weeks. I know I started to slack off at the end but I think it has been quite a good transition. I haven't gone fishing for opinions on this one so I may be out on a limb here but I think I did a fair to average job. And I had a good time. Which is what really counts as far as I am concerned.
As for dinner this evening I tried to get my curry mojo going again but came up wanting. Maybe I am adding to much veggie and not enough spice. Maybe worrying that the kids may not like it is inhibiting my natural flair for mixing up the right combination of spice, salt and savoury. In any case I was not impressed with what I came up with tonight. I really wish I could get back to that curry I made two weeks ago which really knocked my socks off. Maybe it is the trying to go vegetarian which is holding me back. Who knows.
This picture is the current food chain at our house. I make the curry, the wife eats the curry, the son gets breast milk made from curry and I clean out his diapers which appear to be full of curry. Don't get me wrong. I like breast milk poopy diapers much better than real food poopy diapers. Months six to eighteen are not pretty. Here is to hoping it is the last time we have to run this gauntlet.

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