Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Its ocean faring.

Well here is our little jelly fish ready for her first ice show dress rehearsal. No she is not a mermaid like all her classmates who have been in skating for more than 3 months. Yes she is disappointed about this. However, she is a wicked awesome jelly fish. Video will be shot on Friday. I am working on finding the best vantage point.
As for dinner I started pressing the tofu just after lunch. With most of the moisture gone I then set it in the peanut style sauce to soak up the goodness. Sauce: Peanut butter, vinegar, cooking wine, fresh grated ginger, salt, pepper, soy sauce and honey. Post rehearsal, which by the way took forever, we zipped home chopped up some veggies and got our stir fry on. I was very happy with the result and as usual the kids chowed down on the tofu.

Here are some pictures of the newest. One is a comparison shot of finger sizes, mine and his. The other is a comparison of head sizes/cuteness. I think I hold my own thank you.

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