Thursday, March 5, 2009

Change of Plans

So originally this evening was supposed to be ebi-chiri. This is a Japanese stir fried shrimp dish. However, after hitting up the bakery for some loaves and coming away with a lovely baguette I moved up tomorrow nights spaghetti to tonight to make use of the fresh baguette. The sauce included some of the wife's pre-made meatballs. Such a good idea. When she makes a batch of something that is slightly tedious she makes a big batch and freezes at least half. Then she has instant meatballs/gyoza/spring rolls ready to go instead of doing the whole from scratch thing again. The Mrs. gets high marks in the smarts department. The salad was the baby mixed greens in a box with grated carrot and diced cucumber. Still loving the salad dressing we got the other day with the dinner. After dinner we went for the family swim night. Boy, that boy did not want to leave the pool at the end of an hour.

We came home and watched the Spiderwick Chronicles. Much like the Bridge to Terabithia it seems like we may need to get the book.

Below is a foot picture. And the wifes feet aint that big to begin with.

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von grudegin said...

i could also be down from some pictures of him tucked in funny places like breadboxes or magazine stands or amongst Kiyomi's toys