Monday, March 30, 2009

Not so Bad.

Well the first day back wasn't so bad. I mean work is work and lets face it, there are plenty of worse jobs out there. Dinner however, could not have been better. It was kids choice tonight and that choice was perogies and mashed turnip. Mashed turnip has turned into a fan favourite. Now I can understand this because I have always loved mashed turnip but it seems to me that there are people out there who don't love the giant root vegetable (sometimes called a rutabaga... Research time... Okay after looking it up on good old Wikipedia it turns out our "yellow turnip" is indeed a rutabaga where as the true turnip has white flesh and seems a little rounder). The green salad was originally going to be a coleslaw but we didn't get to our favourite organic cabbage store on the weekend so it was a no go. We hope to haveslaw later in the week. Also gotta get the wife into making salad dressing mode. I am tired of the store bought stuff. I mean its good but I need my vinegar, oil and onion dressing fix. The miso soup was also a nice touch. It was cooked up two days ago and then fridged. Heat and serve. Two of my favourite words.

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