Sunday, March 8, 2009

Show Time

Well it was show time today. After a busy week of practices and dress rehearsals today was the day. And it went swimmingly. I think by the time the evening show rolled around she was a little pooped so her performance was slightly off. However the video you see here is the afternoon show and she was awesome. In chatting with her friends at the show she learned that there are skating competitions that one can win. She seemed intrigued with the idea. I wonder what next year will bring. The daughter is the jelly fish in pink just to the right of Ariel.

As for dinner we had some left over potatoes au gratin that I had made for lunch with some turkey soup that I whipped up this afternoon. I promise the shrimp dish is on the way. You will just have to give me another day or two to actually get it on the table.
Here are some new shots of the kid. He is plumping up nicely and will actually sleep in your arms for a little while if he is in the right frame of mind.

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