Thursday, February 5, 2009

Uninvited Guests

Yeah strange night. First I arrive home to this colourful snowman standing in my kitchen. I was like, "hey, I don't even know you what are you doing in my kitchen?" And the snowman was like, "its me dad." And I am like, "Neither I nor my wife have ever been part of any birth that involved a snow person of any size or gender or lack of gender." And the snowman said, "its me" and proceeded to rip its face off. Of course imagine my surprise when my daughter was behind the whole charade. It turns out she had made this snowman mask at school. Is this the Julliard School of Mask making. I mean come on. Its Thursday afternoon. Give a guy a break.
Next up was the wife who started off with a, "sorry this is all there is for dinner." Then she broke into some story about how she had tried this lentil, tomato dish at the family centre near here and had decided to whip some up for dinner. This on top of the homemade humus and garlic bread made from a lovely baguette (most likely whole wheat) from the local bakery where she used to work. To top this off she made some more of her impossibly delicious coleslaw. I got the low down on the slaw this evening. She uses organic cabbage, which couldn't even spell bitter. Not that cabbages are noted for their spelling chops. Actually she admitted all the veggies were from the grocery store with the nice local and interesting organic vegetables section. She also admitted to a little mayonnaise which of course bumps up the creaminess. Best bite of the night: bread slathered with humus and then piled with coleslaw. Wicked, wicked awesome. And vegetarian, meaning tomorrow will be an even better day. Something about the day after eating vegetarian. Everything just seems better. There may be something to this. Time will tell.

Weird day though. All these people telling me strange things. "I'm not a snowman" , "Sorry about dinner". A guy could get confused, Jeesh.

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