Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Well we got busy today. There was stuff going on all over the place. Lets start with the important stuff. The wife made bread today. She got the son in on the act as you will see.

I over course being the near genius level intellect that I am forgot to take a picture of the final product. The house was a little cold today so they didn't rise quite as well as one would have hoped. However, they do look quite nice and I plan to tuck into some tomorrow for breakfast. Which is fast approaching, where does the day go? This brings me back to my theme. A busy day.

So we were supposed to have a play day today but I got totally side tracked and never made the call. I did manage to wash the car, fill it with gas, go and pick up the new tap shoes from across the line and get some school work done so I cannot be totally faulted. The daughter made up her valentines cards today. I mean its more than a week away. As a grade one boy there is no way I would have been thinking a week out on Valentines day. I am sure I need mom assistance to even remember to bring them on the day.

Post card making, the kids and mom did the shopping and then played at the elementary school play ground. It was a beautiful sunny day so that was all good. We arrived back home around the same time and after a bit of tv watching (well video on the computer but its the same thing really) I got down to making some five can chili. Can's shown below.

Now I have read a number of blogs recently that decry the hideous addition of beans to chili. These purists use meat and sauce and everything else be damned. Well I'm sorry but my chili is all about the beans. I mean sometimes (including today) I don't even use meat. Maybe I should give in and call this multi bean, spicy, tomato stew. Not quite the same ring as chili but it'll do. I mean does anyone out there make a meat no bean chili. I have a buddy who always cringes when I mention beans but good fibre and good taste. What could be wrong with that. Check out the bowl don't it look good.See we're all on the same side here. After dinner we went to the family fun skate at the arena. Our good friends who just bought their kids skates were there as well and it was an awesome night. The son raced around with one of the sliding bar thingys but also had some quality no bar skating time as well. The daughter and I did some pairish figure skating and we both really enjoyed it. My skating has improved enough that I could be the rabbit for my daughter and a few of her friends to chase. I didn't even crash into or hurt anyone. I thought that was pretty impressive. And now I have to get back outside to lay down another layer of ice on the back yard rink. It is pretty crunchy and chopped up but with three layers added tonight it may be skateable tomorrow. I have already done the first two. I am just worried about smoothness for tomorrow.

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