Monday, February 9, 2009

Swab the decks.

Or the back of your throat to see if its Strep Throat. So here is the dilemma. The doctor has taken the swab and will call in two days to say whether it is strep or not. In the mean time the daughter is anxious to get back to school after missing a day today. I don't know if the wife can put up with having the both of them home for another week day while I am off gallivanting at work. What to do what to do?

Oh there was a different possible title for this evenings post. It was "turkey soup for the soul" we were offered up some lovely, home made (all the way) turkey soup this evening. I guess with kids that have sore throats you aren't going to make crunchy noodle stir fry or crackers and cheese. So we had turkey soup, kids had theirs with noodles. I ate mine with rice.

I too am feeling a little something starting to act up in the sinuses. Lets hope its all in my head... or not... whoa, no way out of that mess.

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