Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting Sick

So among other things that happened today I think the daughter has come down with Strep Throat. I tried to get a good shot of the back of her throat but it wasn't easy. I took the image into photoshop and spent about five minutes realizing I had no idea what I was doing and started uploading the raw image.So she had trouble eating all day and ended up having yogurt for dinner. Yogurt and meatballs I should say more correctly. Mom is out at some woman function and made appetizer size meatballs to take. The piggies who stayed at home had to make do with the few that could be spared from the serving platter. Of course we also had almost homemade soup and leftover chili.
I think the almost homemade soup needs explaining. When I first started cooking I used to make a green pea soup with big chunks of vegetables. I would get two cans of Campbell's Green pea soup and then add celery and carrot chunks. It was a type of value added cooking. I didn't create anything from scratch I just enhanced something someone else made. Well I was going to go for the same thing this weekend but the wife brought home butternut squash soup in a tetra pak. I browned some carrots and onions and then tossed in some frozen peas. Once everything was hot I transferred half to the blender and added some whipping cream. This was pureed. In the pot I added the box of soup and brought to a boil. Then I added back the creamy puree and voila. Almost homemade soup. The wife and I loved it (she had some on the way out the door) but the kids were both unimpressed. The loved the meatballs and tolerated the chili. That was until the daughter's sore throat forced us to go with yogurt instead.Note her pensive face trying to decide whether to keep on eating of demand something else. Her first offer was a change to ice cream. I thought about it but that would have been giving away the farm as far as I can see. Yogurt was a good compromise.

After dinner the daughter mentioned that it has been a crappy day. I was trying to say what a fun day we had when she whipped out the list.

1. Sore throat.
2. Kicked in eye by brother.
3. Poked in the same eye by brother with kiddy tent pole.
4. Squished fingers between hockey stick and skating rink.
5. Hungry but couldn't eat dinner.

I was totally shot down. That list is irrefutable if you ask me.

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