Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sick Day

Well I stayed home today as I was under the weather. When I wasn't prone in bed sleeping or just laying there being sick I spent my time in the living room with the wife and son. Man does that boy have energy. He literally ran and ran all day. If he wasn't chasing a balloon around the house he was playing some game where he was a dog or a cat or a power ranger. It was kind of neat to see how he and his mother spend time during the week days when sis and I are at school. I am now, really looking forward to taking parental leave. Come on baby number three.

As for dinner we had a tofu veggie casserole with a rice base. This is home food and it goes down so easy. It has a nice even blend of flavours. Not overpowering. Probably just right for people under the age of 10 whose taste buds are still intact. But hey, if you want to go for it add some hot sauce or soy sauce. It was good food for a sick boy. I am feeling better. Thanks for all your well wishes. Now I gotta go get ready for work tomorrow.

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