Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super Snack Attack

So you can see last nights dinner in both a good and a bad light. Lets start with good. Well done me. I have now made dinner three nights in a row. And I even have plans for this evening so I am getting er done as the boys say. I also even managed to serve up another vegetarian meal, complete with beans for protein and a wide variety of vegetables. The bad light would point to two things. We had snack food for dinner again and I served chips for two dinners in a row.
I made three dipping options. There was the kids salsa on the right. No spice, lots of flavour and surprisingly not that well attended. Then there was the old stand by guacamole. They have been devouring this stuff recently. This bowl however was the not the sentsation it usually is. The real shocker was the new import. I took a can of brown beans in tomato sauce. This was added to some already browned minced onion and crushed garlic. Once it was bubbling I mashed it up and added a few shots of vinegar(I am a big believer in vinegar). They both came back for multiple spoonfuls so I am going to call that a success. My nacho making was anything but. I was in a hurry so I used the broil and then the cheese in the middle didn't get melted. I gotta work on the lead time into dinner. Which means start cooking and/or planning before 5:00pm. If I can master this everything else should fall into place.

Oh yeah the wife and I also had insta-salad from those plastic containers with the fresh baby organic greens in them.

On the family front the daughter attended her first pool party in our newly refurbished pool. Still looks that same to me but I think most of the refurbishments were structural. Something about the exterior walls. Hey at least we still have a pool.

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