Sunday, February 15, 2009

Holding Pattern

That is how I am feeling right now. Every day after waking up I spend the day holding my breath, anticipating whether or not today is the day... I don't get dinner on the table. However, today was not that day. I managed to pull one of these out of my oven. That doesn't sound quite right for some reason. Anyways, I planned to make Lasagna and I believe that is what I made. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and there is even a small version wrapped up and stored away in the deep freezer. Oh the joy of making two meals for the price of one. I did two sauces this evening. Your standard meat sauce: onion, garlic, crushed tomato, basil, oregano, salt and pepper. Brown the meat and veggies, pour off the excess fat, add tomatoes and flavouring, simmer. I also made a veggies type sauce, in the blender I put mushrooms green pepper chunks, and whole tomatoes (stewed in a can version) this was blended until everything was tiny little pieces definitely not puree. Then that was put in a bowl and microwaved for about 8 minutes (honestly, it was a big bowl). Earlier in the day I purchased the pasta you have to boil first so I did so. Then I layered all of the above, throwing in a cottage cheese layer or two and topped it all with grated cheddar. 30 mins at 400 later and we were ready to eat.
The wife got on the garlic bread while the Lasagna baked and I was cleaning pots and pans. Then she whipped up some almost instant salad. She added carrots and cucumbers to flesh it out a little. With this dinner was ready. We sat down with our friend who just recently got back from a trip to Japan. She came over this afternoon to hang out and we forced her to stay on for dinner. Being overly polite I have no idea whether she enjoyed the food or not but she did have a second helping. There was ice cream for dessert but I declined.There went another great 5 day weekend. Okay I was sick for all five of the days and had to referee yesterday and made dinner four of the five nights but I'm not complaining. I am just listing the facts. And it was great.


tomoka said...

I love it!!! I love it!!!! I love it!!!!!
Your Lasagna is best:)
Thanks a lots.

Dora said...

No pressure but we are all waiting for news of Dunnet jr's arrival. Time it well. Like not while I am in crazy work mode.

Rachel Catriona said...

No post tonight.... one can only assume you got lazy. Or are having a baby! I'm hoping the latter.