Friday, February 13, 2009

Snack Night

So, once again after a long day of driving I took on the dinner mantle this evening. And as usual I didn't really get that far. At the store we stopped for some cheese, veggies and yogurt. You know cheese is a little expensive. I really need to get on learning how to make it.
Anyways the dinner consisted of veggies and dip (yogurt, mayo, vinegar, dill, paprika, salt and pepper). Cheese and crackers (brie for the brie monster and cheddar for the rest of us). Some pickle spears and a bag of potato chips. This is really how I like to eat. That and the fact we took it to the living room (yes I realise I just recently cleaned the carpet, but one has to live) to eat while watching episodes of pokemon.I actually made a potato gratin (or at least my version of it) but lacked the energy to get up and serve it up to everyone. I had some myself and in fact it tastes pretty good. I also forgot to take a picture of it and don't really want to go through the whole two minute process of taking the picture, plugging it in, down loading it, up loading it and then ... wait, if I wasn't sitting here carping about it I would be done already. Okay gimme a sec...In the mean time here is a picture of me trying to blog. I have this wicked growth coming out of my cheek. It has gotten so large it actually gets in the way of my typing and demands things like glasses of water and bum wiping (I sure hope he doesn't get reminded of this some day and end up hating me for it). Both a blessing and pain. The pain is mostly just me not understanding the blessing. Like the other day when he broke the ... well he's a little boy right. Its part of his greatness. Come on up load you gratin I can't sit here writing all night. What else... oh the midwife says we are still pregnant and should deliver sometime soon. I think I came across as the whiney self centered person I most likely am, sort of complaining about not having delivered yet (still ten days early). I mean really. Who is pregnant here and who is along for the ride? I am just looking to spend more time at home. The wife thinks the kid is staying in longer to save us some bucks. You know, the more days dad works the more he gets paid kind of thing. Well at this rate the photo will never upload. Really 7:00 pacific time is a bad time for blogger. I think it is prime time for North America and everything is slow. I like the middle of the night. Even my videos upload in no time. Do you really want to see the... hey not ten minutes later it finally arrived. Be thankful you didn't have to wait for it.

Well two daddy dinners in a row. Kind of looking forward/dreading the whole up coming Mr. Mom thing. Never gone more than 2 days at it before. This should be some real in sight into how the other half lives. I'm out.

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