Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Late Dinner

Well it was a pretty busy day. Ups and down, twists and turns and now I am here. Ready to spill.

Lets start with dinner. It doesn't work chronologically but it will keep my occupied while I organize my thoughts. I arrived late for dinner. Everyone else was reading a book in bed. The haru-maki (literal translation "spring (the season) roll") were home made and quite scrumptious. Ground beef and assorted veggies seasoned nicely. When I went into the kids room and asked if they had had rice with dinner I was given a resounding yes. Followed by, "but they ate it all." So I had left over banana curry as my side dish. The curry was even better because it had aged for a day. And the banana is really misleading. It is curry with a hint of banana. Just a hint. You cannot see the bowl of miso soup that is burbling away in the microwave while I scarfed down this plate of food. What you can see is the rest of the bottle of white wine we opened on the weekend for a guest. It was nice.
So the rest of the day was pretty hectic. I had to referee two basketball games after school and the first was sort of a nightmare. A super aggressive team that expected to win but didn't. Some coaches who wanted to question every call we made. I didn't feel on top of my game because I don't ref enough if there is even the slightest crack in a ref's confidence then, at least to me, the whole thing collapses like a house of cards and you spend the rest of the game being second guessed, and second guessing yourself, on every call. "They need refs. I am doing a good thing. It is a service to the community". Everyone needs a mantra. Really I just need to prepare a little more myself and then it all works out.

After the stressful afternoon which turned into evening, and following the awesome meal, I sat down to watch a movie with the wife. We watched a definite chick flick. The Jane Austen Book Club. I really enjoyed it. Had a great conversation afterwards about life and us. Sometimes I just over think things. But its kind of endearing. I hope.

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