Monday, February 2, 2009

Don't tell the kids.

There were bananas in the"almost curry stir fry" this evening. The wife was a little apprehensive about serving up this evenings dinner. She felt like she had been caught between two meals. A nice chicken curry on the one hand and a chicken stir fry on the other. Did I mention there were bananas in it. Well in the end it was delicious and without the information they didn't need the kids gobbled it up. Coleslaw came along for the ride and had just the right amount of creaminess for me. You may noticed I topped mine with some pickled peppers. Just a little more heat for the dad.

The kids asked me to take this one after snapping the one of dinner. I had to remind the son to smile.

On a different note, we are having a bit of a rough patch with the daughter and her school lunches. The thing is the wife tries to pack just the right amount of lunch. Not too much but a little bit of everything. Then the lunch comes home less than half eaten and the daughter is whining for a snack. How hard to we want to play hardball? Are feeling is that she is too interested in going to play and because she is kind of a slow eater she can't get through her lunch in time and just puts it back. What to do what to do? We have already talked to her teachers once about this and I don't want to be a pest. Maybe we should start serving her her lunch for dinner if she doesn't finish it. Or we could hang her upside down by her ankles and force feed her. Or maybe we should just not take it too seriously and let her eat when she's hungry. I wonder what the super nanny would do?

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sean66 said...

The problem is that the kids at the school are given something like 10 minutes to eat then they are forcibly evicted from the building. No exceptions. And they aren't allowed to take their lunch kits out to the playground. The system has flaws, dude, the system has flaws.