Monday, February 16, 2009

Late Curry

Sorry for the delay. I had to run right off after dinner to referee a basketball game. Good game. Good dinner.

We were treated to a fabulous turkey curry tonight. That massive beast from Christmas is still doing great service. And is it ever good turkey. The mrs. whipped up a beautiful sauce which she called, "Turkey soup?? curry??" but whatever it was it was good. I ladled mine over a bowl of rice. Added some vinegar from the pickled peppers to kick up the heat and nuked it. 2 and a half minutes later I was in dinner heaven.

After getting back home this evening I managed to get some book time with the daughter. Then the wife and I sat down to watch "The Visitor." Interesting movie. The wife said that she still feels a little scared living in Canada because she is not a citizen. I can understand that. Especially when I was living in Japan I always had that niggling doubt that if I did something to over the top I would just be packed up and sent home. That kind of feeling really helps one keep in line. Well sorry about the lateness of the post. Later.

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