Thursday, February 26, 2009

Extended Family.

So with the mumma in town I felt sure it was a pizza night. I even managed to get her to eat a whole shwack of pizza. I think this is a sterling endorsement. I mean if I can get my mom to go past three slices I am doing something right.
Other than that we had a good day running around town getting errands done. The official registration went into the mail box today so the name is definitely set in stone now. I am happy about that, as I think we nailed it. Also added someone to our Medical Services Plan and at the same time applied for my parental benefits. The child tax credit application will have to wait until tomorrow. So in fact will the laundry. I have to try and remember that just because Ma is here and on vacation it does not mean I am on vacation. Here are mom and grand daughter sewing. Notice the need for better light in the living room. I wouldn't let them use the dining room table as I was getting ready for dinner.It was another good baby day here. I actually sent a picture out by e-mail to some co-workers. However, they did specifically ask for it. I am not spamming up the world with random shots of my kid. I am filling up my blog with them.
For those of you thinking of coming up for a visit this last picture is just a taste. It could be you on the left side of this picture getting all that baby love. We make a pretty good breakfast too.

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Rachel Catriona said...

I want to be in the photo! I want to be in the photo!!!