Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ruso-Chinese War.

Well when one makes perogies and cha-han what else can it be called. The perogies were your basic freezer bag full. I fried up some bacon, onions and mushrooms to add as a topping. Unfortunately, I forgot the sour cream. Rats. The cha-han was diced onions, garlic, bacon, carrots and red pepper (yes they were all diced). This was stir fried until it all got soft and done then I scooted it all over to the side and fried up the egg I had just whisked. After this was sufficiently done I added the previously cooked rice (small nuke action to warm it). This was stirred into the vegetables with some salt, pepper, soy sauce and ketchup. It really worked. The kids loved it. Speaking of the kids here they are with their mom. I couldn't decide which picture was better. The son wasn't looking in one, the daughter in the other. I feel like I have to have a baby shot every night now. Oh the pressure.

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