Friday, February 27, 2009

Currying Favour

Was what I was attempting to do when I made curry this evening. I thought I could win my mother over into staying another day. Alas I did not and she leaves bright and early on the morrow.

It might have been the less than stellar gustatory performance I put on this evening. Not having any curry powder or turmeric I was in sort of a pinch but I managed to get by. I used the usual suspects and whipped up a tofu chick pea curry. There were assorted other vegetables included as well. As a special treat I whipped up a chili pepper topping with some of our dried chilis. This added some needed wow to the mild child friendly curry. You know, it could have used some mango. Also I have to be a little tighter with my spicing. If I am going to fly by the seat of my pants then I need to be testing the sauce at more frequent intervals. I am also contemplating using honey instead of molasses next time. A lighter sweetness.

Here is mother and child on day six. Starting to round out nicely. Not crying too much and the wife says he slept for two three hour stretches last night. I doubt it will last but it is good for now.

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