Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well that is what I am going to call my son for now. He has managed to misplace the camera. I mean I am sure it was him. I only put the camera in three places and it is not in any of them. He however has this tendancy to play with it. I can imagine it being under his bed or any number of other places I won't figure out until we have another big clean up day. So we are without picture.

We are not however without dinner. I came home to a lovely, miso soup, green salad and shepherd's pie combination. I have great love for my wife and try to express it everyday. She walked downtown and back today and is complaining of a sore belly. Should I mention to her that she is five-six weeks away from b-day and she might want to take it a bit easier. Nope. I'm sure she has that one figured out. Speaking of the big day, things around that are starting to crystallize. The guy who will take over for me while I am on parental leave is someone I know so getting him up to speed shouldn't be too bad. If we can make it through the first three days post pregnancy then after that I am sure I will be fine. Pretty excited about it. Still working on names.

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