Sunday, January 11, 2009

Froming Pouting to Pork.

Well as usual Sunday was had a melancholy feel to it as the weekend ended and it was time to start getting ready for the week ahead. We started with some more shoveling. After I finished the rink I went to do the driveway and the daughter spent some quality time on ice. After I was done I went out back and managed to get this video.

And that is after having one lesson. I don't even think they have taught her to spin yet. She may be a natural but after hearing about the cost involved with being the parents of a figure skater I don't know if we would survive. This is the picture that I took after the son made his request.We followed this picture taking with a marathon snowball fight. The snow was that perfect grab a handful instant snowball consistency. This was the first snowball fight for the son and he was into it, I mean the fire was in his eyes. We have unleashed a monster.

As for the rest of the day I went into work this afternoon and returned home to some wicked awesome pork roast with roasted potatoes. I even cracked a jar of our home made apple sauce which made the meal other worldly. In a crazy turn of events the daughter wouldn't even eat it. She had chosen ramen noodles for lunch but wanted to eat the scooby doo alphagettis from a shopping trip on thursday or friday. The pout was really impressive and after a slammed door, some shouting on my part and lots of discussion she ended up having the noodles. On a slightly positive note, as the noodles were cooking she said she was feeling very guilty. Is this good or bad? hmmm....

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