Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How do you spell...

...retraction? I think I might have nailed it someone check. Okay the camera was buried under a pile of my correspondence and papers that need to be filed. Dang, me again. Why is it always me sheepishly putting my hand up after I blow my top trying to figure out who has done something outrageously stupid? Really have to work on that. Not that I freaked out or anything but I definitely gave my son the long look. I am pretty sure he knew he was in the right and just shrugged me off. He is good that way.

So I only just found the camera so I couldn't have taken a picture of dinner this evening anyway. Not to mention that I wasn't even here for dinner but all things considered lets just be thankful it has been found and life, and this blog, can move on from here with all of us older and wiser yet at the same time more excited about the prospects to come.

The family had tofu curry which looked delicious and from the one chunk I had will be great tomorrow in lunch. I was at a meeting and snacked on veggies and dip, chunks of cheese, some sliced meats and assorted fruit. I did not have a pop (massive wave of cheering from the crowd) even though I almost caved at three different times. Instead I went and got my cup and had water. This doesn't make up for the bag of all dressed potato chips last night but lets call it part of the penance.

In a side note the daughter had her first trouble with friends at school. She was excluded for the first time yesterday. She talked with her mom about it and then she and I also had a chat about it. Grade one. I thought we would have a longer grace period. Couldn't she have fallen into that miracle crowd where everyone is confident and secure and can handle sharing friends. I know it is a lot to ask for but I am not looking forward to the next 12 years of this. The real question is how much to meddle. Do I set her up with some machiavellian scheme to shred her opponents and come out on top or do I let her learn the ins and outs of school and friends as an ear and shoulder? I can here a scooby do bad guy right now.

If it hadn't been for those meddling parents we would have gotten away with it too.

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Allison said...

Grade one is rough -particulalry amongst girls. I'm sure things will come round. She is a really confident kid -encourage her to keep being herself and play with other kids. Interesting chance to talk about how much mephasis to put on belonging, and the impact of excluding and other people's feelings. Hoepfully it's one of those classes where, if this isn't a passing thing, the excluded kid role kind of rotates around.