Friday, January 2, 2009

Tough Work

So we had home made turkey curry for dinner last night. We just didn't have it at home. We pot lucked it up with some friends. Unfortunately, we didn't bring the camera. The curry was even better this evening, as curry usually is, but I didn't get any pics of it this evening either.

However, there was some serious baking going on tonight and that was recorded. Recently, the family was turned on to a Japanese animated series called Yakitate Japan. It follows a Japanese boy who wants to make a truly Japanese type of bread. He moves to Tokyo and has various adventures at the store he works at. The daughter wanted to bake something this evening and the quickest thing I could think of were scones. With no yeast and no rise time they worked out just nicely and in under half an hour we were done. A savoury chive and cheese combination was meant to match soup but they ended up just being eaten in hand. You can see from my daughter's current state that it was a tough job baking these guys. Well the back to work count down is on. I may have to actually go in and do some prep before Monday. Lets not think about that right now.

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