Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Doctor

Believe it or not the carpeting in your home gets dirty even if you vacuum. I have known this for a while but it has been one of those quietly sequestered thoughts that pops it's head out once in a while only to be shunned to the back of the brain again. I mean who really wants to rent a rug doctor and spend all day moving furniture and cleaning. The filling the machine with hot water ain't so bad but the trips with the dirty water make one feel so ashamed. Anyways two rooms, an area rug and a hallway later we are three quarters of the way done. This is how the place looked just after we finished doing the living room.

Note the two fans strategically moving the air over the carpet. It does take a while to dry. And what does one do with the furniture that used to be in the living room? Why you stack it on end in the dining room. Leaving just enough room to clean the big area rug. The pay off is of course when it is all dry, six - eight hours later, and you get to move all the furniture back into place. Of course my daughter will not be sleeping in her room tonight as we only had the two fans. I also have some big work to do tomorrow morning before I have to return the machine but all in all it was a good days work and I am glad it is done. Oh and the carpet does look a thousand times better.

As for dinner, we were at a skating birthday party tonight. Their rink is quite literally twice as large as ours. I do not have rink envy, I do not have rink envy. But you know... If I took out the baby apricots that don't seem to be growing and move the compost... I could have twice as much work shovelling next year. Only time will tell. It was a good party and

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