Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Surf and Turf

Eating like kings we are. Not that we had a classic surf and turf. We had pork chops and a shrimp pasta combination but never the less, two choices of protein. I try not to think about how good we have it here. But we do. On top of this there was left over coleslaw salad and a green salad featuring some nice juicy chunks of tomato. Even had some ice cream for dessert. Yes we do live like kings.

I managed to leave work early and walk home with the daughter today. As the snow melts during the day it makes a fragile jagged formation all over the southern face of any snow bank. The kid was all about kicking, karate chopping of various other forms of destruction. She left a swath of carnage five feet wide in some places. Between that and pretending she was mountain climbing it took us quite a while to make it home, more than double our to school time. But that was okay. We weren't in a rush to do anything.

Just now she popped out of the bath to see if we could still go skating this evening. It had been part of the plan but before dinner she didn't want to do her home reading. She wanted to play balloons with her brother. Which was great and I can totally back that as being a fun thing to do. But now I have to go back to work and she still has her home reading and homework to finish. Grade one is tough. You should hear the tears coming from the bath right now. Well this hard hearted dad has to sign off. Manyana.

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