Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Obama Day.

And so it begins.

As for me, with four weeks or so to go till b-day I had a chat with the person that will be replacing me while I'm off on parenthood leave for 5 - 7 weeks. I am pretty happy about that. With the other kids being born at the beginning of the summer vacation it has never been an issue before. However, this time we are having a winter baby. Should be interesting.

For dinner this evening we had turkey a la king made with some of the frozen Christmas turkey leftovers. It was really good. The wife mentioned she thought that was the organic turkey goodness coming through. I tend to think it was the fabulous job I did of brining and cooking it but hey its not a competition. Good turkey, happy people, bottom line. The coleslaw salad also made a nice reappearance after being gone for a while. Once again the organic cabbage the wife bought didn't have any of the usual "nigami" or bitterness. It was a really sweet coleslaw both in the taste sense and the damn thats good coleslaw sense. Looking forward to lunch tomorrow.

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