Sunday, January 4, 2009

Party's over.

Well it had to happen. Winter vacation has ended. We have put the house back to rights, more or less, after finishing up with the doctor this morning. Nice way to start the new year. Unfortunately, after returning the machine and having my last lunchtime nap for a while I had to spend some quality time at work getting ready for tomorrow. I was worried that everyone would be all broken up about me not being around. Not the case as it turns out.

To start with the rest of the gang decided to make some bread. Not just any bread but chocolate filled bread. There was some opinion that is was slightly overcooked but the pride on the kids faces at having made their own bread was unmistakable. I was ever so gently persuaded to have a third piece with my dinner. Now I know how all of those people that I brow beat into reading this blog feel. Come on, have another post, its really good.

Now they didn't only bake bread while I was away. They also spent some serious time outside playing. A lady who was passing on the side walk stopped to talk with the fam and informed them of how she used to play in the snow. Apparently, her mom would whip up some water with food colouring and she would make designs in the snow. So quicker than you can say Dave's your uncle they were outside making snow art. By the time I got home it was too dark to see, or it had all melted away but they said they had a good time. They also re-planted the now defunct christmas tree in the front yard. I kind of like it.As for dinner there was tonkatsu, stir fried veggies, rice and the aforementioned chocolate bread. I enjoyed the lot. No leftovers for tomorrows lunch but hey that is what dinner is for. And really, the kids put away most of the tonkatsu.In an interesting turn of events, I did not have a beer with dinner. Drying out is going to be tough after the holidays. I have pretty much had a beer or two every day in the afternoon for the last two weeks. Honestly though, I am pretty sure the new chocolate addiction will be even harder to break. The next big event in our lives is Baby due day. Less than two months and the excitement is building. Lots to do, lots to do.

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