Monday, January 5, 2009

Fundamentally sound.

This is how I would describe tonight's dinner. Let us start with the stew. Big chunks of carrot, japanese radish and other assorted root vegetables had a heavy influence and really pulled their weight. The chunks of beef were nicely seasoned and that added to the broth. I don't know if the wife used turkey stock or plain old water but the broth was great. Also our friend the mushroom found his way in as usual. The caesar salad rang with authenticity. I mean look at those croutons. Finished with a simple bowl of rice it was everything one could want on this first day back at the grind.

I planned to stay and work after school but it was the first day of skating lessons so I had to ride along to help out with the registration and what not. The daughter loved it and the son wept and wailed enough for me to buy him a chocolate bar out of guilt at not signing him up too. But for $120 bucks he can wait till next year when he might actually spend some time skating around the ice. The daughter swept effortlessly into her group and was really happy to be able to skate backwards. Not that the instructor told her anything I hadn't already. I think it is just the official setting and the pressure of everyone else doing it that lead to the breakthrough. That and the smoother ice.

Funnily enough, after shelling out for the lessons I got home to find a permission slip that needs to be signed. It turns out that her class at school is going to have five weeks of skating classes starting this week. So that is Monday and Thursday with organized skating. A couple of days at home on the weekend and I will be expecting a double axel by March. She better get on it.

Oh and a shout out to the reader from Texas, glad to see you coming back. Hope your enjoying it.

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G said...

I guess the reader in Texas is me. I stumbled upon your blog one day, and I really enjoy it. I'm a housewife with 3 kids (8,5,1), and cook a lot. Keep up the good work.