Thursday, January 15, 2009

Everyone's Doing It.

Well it is Thursday night so we are all geared up for a snack fest followed by some movie watching. Only one week left in this semester. (Deep sigh of relief and fatigue) We also had a landmark day. The daughter got her ears pierced. Six to eight months ago when the mom in this family got her ears re-pierced the daughter was totally excited to get hers done until we got to the store. Then she chickened out. Well with "All" of her friends at school having their ears pierced she wanted to join the gang. So today she did.
I think they are slightly lopsided but no one ever really looks that closely at both ears at the same time anyways, right? Come on help me here. I know there is no way to fix it so just play along and make me feel better. Remember, it is all about me. Not unlike tonights dinner. It was guacamole with salsa and last nights curry. Couldn't have picked a better dinner if I tried. Not to mention the daughter managed to pick Ketchup flavoured Pringles as her choice of snack. Sweet. So now were are settling in for a nice busy weekend. Contracts to be read for the union, basketball games to be reffed on Saturday. Tonnes of time spent getting exams ready and setting things up for next semester's courses. Yes, life is good and busy. With any luck we will manage to get a play day and some outside skating in as well. Got another couple of layers on last night as it was cold and clear. Nice.

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