Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Real Deal

Well after a crappy, yet easy to make, store bought pizza last night, we had to do it up ourselves tonight. Pre pizza there were some other goings on. Let me explain.

I took my leisurely time in bed this morning and did not rise till the crack of ten. Or just before. Mom looked schwacked already so I realised it was going to be a dad day. Being the dad around here, at least in name, I decided to make a plan. First things first, we had a play day to arrange. I think it was Thursday that I made this promise but it had to be kept. After organizing around that we put together a schedule for cleaning, shopping, going to the bank, making dough and everything else. Then I decided to invite a guest for dinner. Long story short, we picked up play mate, the daughter and her skated, played house, had a pretend picnic downstairs, drank hot chocolate and snacked, skated again, came back in the house for an itchy foot and finally skated for one final time. During this time the boy managed to awaken and we made the pizza dough. After taking friend home we started to make the pizza.
It turned out well. We did the kids individual sized pizzas to start with and as is usually the case it was a hit. I forgot to put mushrooms on the boys pizza but at least I am remembering that I forgot. This is the first step. The adults had some spicy hungarian salami to go on the deluxe. The second pizza was a vegetarian which was ably aided by some last minute olives.
The final pizza pictured above, was a half and half with the leftover salami and pineapple. These were accompanied by some of the remaining olives and ham. Although as I am sure you can see, there was no intermingling. Other accompaniments for dinner were the wife's pre chopped insta salad with feta. Yumm. I also whipped up some more guacamole and brought up a jar of spicy salsa. We finished with a fruit salad and ice cream to go with the christmas cookies the guest brought. The guest also brought a bottle of sparkling apple juice was was as INXS might say, "a new sensation." The daughter made a deal with the guest to bring it next time she comes for dinner and then pressed a loonie into her hand to seal her end of the bargain. Priceless. The son said he would chip in when the bottle arrives. He must be a pragmatist.

In the next picture I will have you note my daughters shirt colour. Apparently the son took this one while I was not in the room. There were others, many others.
Please note an hour later, half way through dinner, as I am going to shut off the camera my son is merrily snapping the batteries dead on, my daughter has changed apparel. We will definitely need the hand me downs to keep coming if we are going to satisfy this clothes horse. Please people, do not be shy. You should be able to make out our guest and the wife in the background. We had a wonderful evening chatting and eating and drinking. It was a grand Saturday and I did like 90% of it myself. Okay somewhere in the 80's but lets not get picky. Sure the wife did the two salads but one was practically... okay okay it was a team effort, I get it. The guest did the dishes. Yes!!

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Allan said...

The Pizza.. Oh, the Pizza. We so miss the Pizza.

Al and family