Monday, December 1, 2008

Sushi at last

So we finally got around to frying up the salmon and the making the te-maki sushi that was on the menu last night. And when I say we I mean my lovely wife. She sure puts on a spread. Notice the hand of my son reaching into the picture to take another piece of pan fried salmon. He loves the skin. I love the flesh and I think it is a pretty good trade. The other usuals were out in force, from our homemade daikon pickles to the cheese and avocado I tend to favour. The umeboshi was also nice. This evenings miso soup was a little flat. I think the wife forgot to put in the miso. She swears she did but I have my doubts. Eaters can't be complainers and I was sure happy to be eating this evenings meal.
This was the best my son could give me when I asked him to smile. He was bummed about not being videotaped so I had to get a least one shot in. Personally, I feel he is going through a very unphotogenic time. He just makes weird faces whenever there is a picture. I harken back to a certain grade 1 class picture where some of my classmates parents actually called my mom and complained about the face I had pulled in the middle of the back row. I thought it was the right thing to do at the time, not that any thought actually went into it. It was just one of things that had to be done at that moment. In the intervening years I have slowly overcome that habit of acting on impulse. For the most part. I don't think people can really change. They can curb their tendancies but they never leave. I am prone to being an idiot first and thinking about it later. Most of the time I really do think it will be funny.

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Rachel Catriona said...

The cuteness of that video - even K2 in the background - slayed me. That's it - we're coming up for a visit!

... just not sure when.

Am I near you? In Cranbrook. My geography sucks.