Sunday, November 30, 2008

20 bucks and change.

That is what I made for dinner this evening. A pre-roasted barbecue chicken from the grocery store. Funny story. We are at the table eating and the son is peaved that he can't have another drumstick. We are trying to tell him that there are only two and he isn't buying it. Suddenly he reaches for his sisters notebook which is on the table on the other side of his sister. She is shouting no its mine and he is determinedly trying to reach across and get it. I finally pick it up and show it to him and ask him what its about. He points to the dog on the cover and says, "four legs." He was trying to prove us wrong. It was a pretty profound moment of three year old logic. After the wife and I shared a raised eyebrow moment we talked about the differences in dogs and chickens and showed him the carcass of the bird. This seemed to appease him and dinner went on. I also brought home a store bought ham and pineapple pizza. In another nice moment I was watching both kids eating. In front of both of them are a bowl of rice and chicken, a slice of pizza and an assortment of veggies to go with the homemade dill dip. Both were moaning back the cucumber not even looking at the pizza. They like their veggies. Other than that it has been a real real slow day. Notably, we didn't go ice skating and we didn't make home made pizza. But hey, that's okay. Its Sunday. Time for rest.

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