Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Its about dessert.

Well we were once again treated to an amazing feast at our house. There was a shepherd's pie with a twist. Instead of mashed potatoes there were scalloped potatoes on top. It was a good November meal. The bread down front was a garlic number. Just the right amount and it could be covered in shepherds pie. Double goodness. Sitting to the right of the meal was some coleslaw made with apples. I remember rebelling against apples and raisons in my salad as a kid. However, if your perservere you can get there. My daughter actually picked out a piece of apple specially and said, "apple, yum." She has also gotten in the mushroom one up man ship and wouldn't let her brother have her mushrooms tonight. He was quite put out but she wanted to eat them. It didn't really matter as you will see next.

I had told the kids about the ice cream the last time I went into the store for some mint chocolate chip. They couldn't believe I had bought the candy cane/chocolate crunch ice cream. I plan to go and have me a bowl right now. Mmmmm good.

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