Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still standing

With one day remaining before I begin my christmas vacation I am still alive and blogging. As the snow gently falls I have shovelled, swept and put down six more layers of spray on our ice rink. I have been in to work and prepared for tomorrow. I have even watched a bit of the christmas concert, not a packed house but a good crowd and a great show. One of our grade nine students has the potential to be a superstar. She had a solo number where she sang and played the piano. Holy cow. Talent.

As for today's gustatory delights I first bring you lunch.
Mine is on the left and was wicked awesome. An assortment of leftovers along with a egg stirfy/omelete on the bottom and some onigiri covered in furikake and some chopped up muffin above. With a piece of fruit and a yogurt it makes for a lovely lunch. It also brings a smile to my face. The daughter had noodles, with some pork and cheese. She didn't finish it as she was having a bit of a fussy day. I on the other hand practically licked mine clean. Imagine having that lunch and then coming home to this dinner.
The miso soup was bracing on this cold day and as usual hit the spot. The salad had some hard boiled egg chopped and crumbled over the top for a little added flavour and protein. What you see on the right is filo pastry stuffed with a tomato based vegetarian sauce/stew mixture. I loved mine. I actually ate three and I was even eyeing up the daughter's. She as was previously mentioned was having a fussy day so I cut a deal to eat her carrots. I was sure she would turn her nose up at the turnip but when she was reminded of its japanese name, daikon, which she loves pickled, she dug right in and even finished before her brother. Who was also having a fussy day.

Managed to keep the rudder firm and flew straight through today. Hopefully we can keep our head down for one more day and sail in to the vacation. Stress be gone.

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