Friday, December 19, 2008

Vacation: Day 1

Well, it is official. I am on vacation. It feels very nice. We managed to even get a couple of things done today which is always a good feeling. Between errand running and what not we did not get onto the ice until about 1:00. But we were lunched and had all been to the bathroom. Asides from me not having all the sleds and such on hand it was great. I only had to put on my skates three times which in the big picture aint bad. The boy even managed to get up on his own a couple of times and his gliding is much improved. I pulled him around while he held onto the end of my hockey stick. I am dieing for him to be self sufficient on the ice but it will take time. They both have helmets now so I am feeling a lot more comfortable about them being out on the ice and taking spills.

Post skating we came back in and watched a video. Both the son and I fell asleep. Great. When I woke up the daughter pointed out that we were supposed to make gingerbread, so we did. The parts for the house are all baked and we have done two separate sets of cookies. Icing and decorating is planned for tomorrow so stay tuned. The daughter also has some prequel ideas for the original gingerbread escapes movie. Should be real good.
As for dinner we were treated to some mom made burgers and some dad made fries. The burgers were served on pumpernickel as the bakery was out of both buns and sour dough by the time the wife went back to shop. Still a nice evening meal with no threat of going in to work after it. Life is grand. Now if this video would just finish up loading life would be great.

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