Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Six Layers and Yoga.

That is what happened this evening but first lets hear about dinner. I arrived home at 4:45 to my family already at the table. A little early I thought but hey, when you're hungry. The wife had created a fabulous pork and squash stew. I infused mine with a little hot sauce and the hot and sweet thing was great. After dinner we headed out back to the rink. I managed to score a puck from friend at school so we played some "real" hockey. The boy and I were in boots and the daughter had her skates on and was whizzing around the rink. When we first got outside I spent about 20 minutes putting up christmas lights along the back fence. How festive it looks now. I will try and get a pic tomorrow. Oh yeah, the son played a great game and buried the puck... somewhere. I guess we will find it in the spring. Once the youngin's went inside for a bath I put down another six layers of water. It is really smoothing up nicely. I figure in about 3 more days even I will be able to skate backwards on it. Post icing I went in to school for some evening work and then came home and did yoga. I really wanted to put another couple of layers on the ice but with two days to go my stress level is peaking. I had to get some of it out and I am feeling, if not blissful, at least half released right now. Time for bed. Or maybe I could squeeze in a little ice making. Night.

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