Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stay at home Dad

So I didn't go back to work this evening. I tried to get everything done by five and took the rest of the night off. I didn't really take it off as I played with the kidlets, had a nap, set up the sprinkler in the back yard (home made ice rink in progress) and then put some time in to helping a guy write a comedic bit for the staff party we are going to on Friday. I talked the wife into going this year and I hope to be a good escort and not ruin my Saturday. Time will tell.

As for dinner even though I was home by 5:15 everyone else was fed and down stairs playing in the family room. Good dinner of vegetarian pasta. Tofu and lentils were the heart of a rather nice tomato sauce. I added hot peppers and the Indian Hot sauce to mine and it was great. There were pictures taken but my connection is running real slow tonight. I will try to get them up tomorrow.

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