Friday, November 28, 2008


Has arrived here. It started sprinkling down this morning as I fortuitously put away the trampoline. After hauling in some wood, cutting my own hair and feeding the masses the wife finally arrived back at home. There was some serious snow playing and now there is a 6' snowman in our front yard. He did not figure in the picture taking session. As for dinner I had lentil stew on bread with some of our hot peppers sprinkled liberally. This was of course after I had eaten a bunch of the pizza the wife brought home after lunch. And a cinnamon bun. You just have to love knowing someone who works in a bakery. It just makes everything better. We are off to watch a basketball game that I will be refereeing. I also managed a trip to be the dentist and hardware store. Unrelated events. I have some video I will edit and upload later. Stay tuned.

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