Thursday, November 27, 2008

The dregs

Arriving home on a Thursday night all I want to do is sit back, put my feet up, and drink a beer. Today however upon arrival home with the daughter we hopped right back in the car and got down to errand running. We stopped off and bought some christmas party tickets at work. Today was the last day and I, as usual, did not bring my wallet to work. Then we went to the library and got some books, the daughter is now pretty much reading the level one readers by herself. She no longer gets frustrated by the longer words and is doing great at sounding them out. I can't wait to have her read Harry potter aloud to me. That will be just about the time she no longer wants to hang with her uncool dad. Oh you can so clearly see the day coming. After the library we hit the bank and then the grocery store. Now I have to ask. You are a kid in the grocery store and your dad says you can get a candy. All they have are the big bags of m & m s, the bags of swedish raspberries, that sort of thing. So what do you reach for? My daughter picks a bag of peppermint hard candies. I mean they are good peppermint candies but really. She couldn't have come up with something better than that. So after that we arrived home to some lovely curry. The avocadoes I had bought were made into guacamole and we had a typical Thursday night feed. Assorted snacks and dishes. It was all good. Then we tried to watch a movie and ended up down stairs by the fire reading books and playing around. I think its time for bed. Oh yeah, the curry was too spicy for the kids but I was loving it.

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