Sunday, November 16, 2008

Super Sunday

After a good session of skating we arrived home and sat by the fire. The wife and I lolled on the carpet in a half slumber while the kids wrestled around and kept pestering us to make hot chocolate. Which I finally did. After that the wife got to work on a Stir Fry. Now she had promised to cook this stir fry with the daughter. The daughter even had it written down in the sunday section of her school agenda. Yes, she has an agenda. It is not hidden and whoa unto thee who makes her break her agenda. For example lev rayking was on her agenda for this weekend but I did most of the raking. She checked it off anyways. The wife spun the learning of stir fry cooking very nicely and convinced the daughter that making the sauce was the major part of making a stir fry. So she and I made the sauce while the wife chopped and cut and organized all the pieces. After tasting the sauce the daughter said, "I think it needs more vinegar" so we shot some more in. She was totally right on. The sauce worked very well. The stir fry worked very well and I enjoyed it. It will probably be even better for lunch. However, the daughter was not fooled, "I didn't really get to make it, I didn't stir much and I didn't get to cut anything." No these salad days are definitely over.
You can see the hot chocolate mug in front of the son. He spilled a third of it then added his leftover orange juice. The wife said it tasted like chocolate orange. Is anyone else thinking christmas? In a quick lunch update the chili from last night, after sitting for a while, was amazing today for lunch. There is no doubt chili needs a day to grow into itself. I hope someday I can get up the nerve to make a chili and not eat any of it until the next day. Time will tell. Here is the shot the son took as I scolded him for wasting the batteries. In his defense he said he would only take one picture and he only took the one then turned the camera off.

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