Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hot Yoga Makes Me Chili.

So with the stove burning all day, and myself at home to keep it hot, it seemed like the right thing to do to make chili. The daughter had a friend call her up this morning while I was out raking the leaves. Said friend came over for a play day at 1:00 and by that time the wife was back from work. I voted, returned a book and bought the necessarys for chili. Threw it all in a pot and settled it down on top of the stove. As you may have noticed there is a time lag between putting the pot on the stove and being able to eat from that pot. This is the perfect time to get your yoga on. The standing poses are almost insufferable but the laying on the floor poses towards the end get the nice cool draft from the cold air returning from upstairs. I am feeling truly released and should try to get to bed by 9:00. That would make for a very good Sunday. It aint gonna happen but it sounds nice in theory. Here is the dinner shot.How can you tell I was in charge of dinner. Single bowl of chili. No accompanying rice, soup, or salad. The bread was bought and the chips were being snacked on pre dinner. I added some extra water to the chili because I only had one can of stewed tomatoes and I was worried a really thick chili might burn. The kids called it soup but it was still pretty thick. I put mushrooms in my chili for the first time and they really do go with any meal. Between mushrooms and olives I feel I have turned around most of my vegetarian cooking. Not that this chili was vegetarian but the mushrooms sure do go a long way.

I finished the book Flowers for Algernon last night. We picked up a Japanese language version of it this summer for the wife. I am looking forward to seeing how the two versions compare.

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