Monday, November 17, 2008


This was the word with which I summed up this evenings meal. It was just delightful. Let me paint you a picture. You arrive home and its already dark. You have worked from 8:00 to 5:00 and even worked through your lunch. It is cold outside and winter is moving in yet Christmas seems forever away. Everything is pushing you down and stealing your light. Then you open the back door. There stands your wife, your heart and centre. She is busily doing the things she does in the kitchen while your children play on the floor behind her. There is a plate of tonkatsu (pork cutlets) with the heat shimmering off of it. A big pot of nimono is on the stove after stewing down stairs all day. You remember seeing it being put together just before you left that morning. And suddenly the dreary gloom of late november is gone. You fill the water glasses while your daughter and son set out the fork, poon(son's pronounciation) and hashi (chopsticks). The wife ladles out the miso soup and you serve up a big plate of green salad with vinegar and onion dressing. At the table there is talk of what happened that day and you truly feel like you are home. At this point you pronounce to all, "this is just delightful." It didn't sound quite as goofy as it writes.

I love my family. They make my life so much better its kind of silly.

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