Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post Hallowe'en Post

Well due to popular demand (hey one comment must mean there are thousands of the silent masses yearning for their piece of the action) here is a super man snap and a short video. Just pretend like they were taken last night and we can all go to bed happy.

As for tonights dinner we have yet to sit down to it. I was Supper man and made myself a bowl of chilli but is has been a stay at home, not do to much day. Pay no attention to my daughters massive bag of candy sitting open next to my meal. Honest, I was good. In other news, we had a cord of wood, or at least most of it, dropped off this morning. Then we went to the bank and bought some spongebob noodles and some bob the builder noodles for lunch. Kids choice. I made a veggy potato dish but in my haste it didn't turn out that well. The wife brought home so baked goods from work and now we are contemplating going out for a video or two. hh Saturday night.

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Dora said...

Thank you. I can go to bed happy. Super cute. Are you going to make them throw the candy away if they haven't eaten it all in 3 days? What are the rules at your house?